Digital alternatives

Digital alternatives

Do you already know our green alternatives?

We want to protect the climate. Printing kilograms of paper that then quickly ends up in the wastepaper basket does not correspond to our idea of environmental protection. That’s why we try to avoid printed materials such as flyers, brochures or timetables at start wherever possible.

But this does not mean less service for you. Because all the important info is available digitally. You can find information about all our connections in real time easily and conveniently via the apps DB Navigator, DB Streckenagent and the timetable planner or also via the website

Online you can also create personal timetables, with your routes and time periods. Afterwards you have three options:

  • You can print this timetable privately at home
  • The service staff in the travel centers will also be happy to print out your connection or your personal timetable directly on site.
  • Feel free to contact our customer dialog directly. He or she will work with you to create your personal timetable and send it to your home by mail.

Thus, we offer a good alternative for those who prefer to use their connection in paper form.

And even in the event of short-term disruptions, we will always keep you up to date. We keep you informed 24 hours a day via Twitter.
Here again all the alternatives you have to the printed timetable:

App DB Navigator

The DB Navigator is your personal travel companion. Book a ticket, call up real-time times, delay alarm - all in[...]


App DB Streckenagent

Your mobile train attendant, who informs you about the current timetable and helps you with disruptions, replacement traffic or alternative[...]


App Fahrplaner

With the App "FahrPlaner" , you have all the information about your trips with you anytime, anywhere.


Personal timetable

Create your personal timetable with your routes and in the periods that suit to you.

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