No matter when and where you are traveling with us, we always offer you the right ticket for your trip. The following also applies to us: “Boarding only with a valid ticket”. Please buy your ticket before you start your journey, there is no sale on our trains.

And you can get these tickets from us in many different ways: To make it as easy as possible for you to buy tickets, you will find at least one ticket vending machine at every station.

Of course, you can also select your trip online with us via the travel information and then buy it at or via the app DB Navigator or the FahrPlaner app. But we’ll also be happy to welcome you to one of our many retail locations.

For lines RB 37 and RB 38

RB 37 & RB 38

We also operate through various transport associations in the Heidekreuz between Bremen and Uelzen and between Buchholz and Hanover.

  • On the RB 37 between Bremen and Visselhövede, the VBN.
  • On the RB 38 between Buchholz and Soltau and on the RB 37 between Soltau and Munster the tariff regulations of the HVV.
  • From Mellendorf to Hannover Hbf, the provisions of the GVH apply.
  • For all journeys outside the borders of the network, the Niedersachsen Tarif.

For lines RB 77 and RB 79

RB 77 & RB 79

On the RB 77 “Weserbahn” between Bünde and Hildesheim as well as on the RB 79 “Lammetalbahn” between Hildesheim and Bodenburg, the tariffs of various transport associations apply:

  • On the RB 77 in the section Bünde to Rinteln the Westfalentarif.
  • For journeys with the start trains between Rinteln and Elze and the buses in the district of Hameln/Pyrmont, the following ticket is valid in addition to the Lower Saxony tariff  Weserbahn Combiticket. This includes day passes for one or up to five people, allowing any use of the above route as well as all public transport bus routes from 9 am (all day on Saturdays and Sundays). All information can be found here: Info flyer-WKT .
  • For journeys on the RB 79 between Hildesheim and Bodenburg, the following tariff applies in principle Niedersachsen Tarif with the associated connection mobility.
  • For passengers who use trains and buses in combination in this area and travel beyond the city limits of Bad Salzdetfurth or Hildesheim, the ROSA fare.
  • For all journeys outside the network boundaries apply: In North Rhine-Westphalia the NRW tariff and in Lower Saxony the Lower Saxony tariff.

For all lines

For all lines

In addition to the Verbundtickets, all tickets of the Lower Saxony tariff and the tickets of the Deutsche Bahn AG are also valid on our trains:


Still valid are also:

  • Summer holiday ticket
  • State-wide semester ticket Lower Saxony/Bremen (Information about the semester tickets and the validity can be obtained from the Asta of the respective universities. Information about the nationwide semester ticket is available here.


  • DayTicket M Fern F
  • DayTicket Long Distance MFZ
  • JobTicket M
  • Family Home Ticket
  • NE additional ticket to the Personal NetzCard M
  • PupilTicket M
  • Personal network card M
  • Transferable network card, subnetwork card
  • Corporate travel tickets
  • TagesTicket M Fern P (with additional payment)
  • RegioTicket M 50 H/R