There are tariff benefits for some groups

Children, students and severely disabled persons enjoy discounts. You can find out exactly what these are and what to look out for here.


Children up to 5 years of age travel free of charge on start trains . Between the ages of 6 and 14, they pay only half the normal price when traveling alone. Accompanied by parents or grandparents, children up to 14 years of age again travel free of charge. However, this applies only if the parents or grandparents purchased their ticket at the normal price and the number of children was noted on the ticket.

For special offers such as the Niedersachsen-Ticket, different family regulations apply.


If your university has joined the contract for the state-wide semester ticket Lower Saxony/Bremen, it is possible for you to select our start trains for your journey using your student ID as a ticket. Within the semester period you are allowed to use all start connections in 2nd class every day.

For more information on the statewide semester ticket, visit:

The semester tickets of the transport associations are also valid with us, but only on the specified route sections. The fare conditions of the respective association apply.

The semester tickets are personal and non-transferable.


If you have a severely disabled pass with a valid token, you can travel with us free of charge. Should you need an escort or a companion dog, they will also travel with you free of charge. However, the need must be indicated in your severely disabled ID card by the familiar “B”.

If you have luggage, a wheelchair or other approved orthopedic aids with you, they are also free of charge. The wheelchair area and the multipurpose area are available for this purpose.

Our staff will be happy to help you get in and out. But to make it easier for everyone, register before your trip online or via our customer hotline. Then our employees are already waiting for you at the door of your start train.