Easy, mobile and free internet access, with our WLAN this is no problem.

In our trains of the RB 77 and RB 79 you have the possibility to log into the “WLAN @Start” for free. Every day you have 100 MB/end device at your disposal, which you can use as you wish.

Maybe you want to read some mails before you get to the office or you check your hiking route for your trip. With us, you can do it all during your driving time, making even more effective use of your free time.

The great advantage of our WLAN in the trains is the stable connection to the outside via a roof antenna and the permanent network coverage – regardless of the provider. This way, we can ensure that you can surf permanently and without dead spots.

And it’s that simple:

Activate WLAN – “WLAN @Start” – connect and start surfing