Safety first

Safety first

Safety first

How start particularly protects employees and passengers in times of crisis

Due to the 9-Euro-Ticket the trains are currently very busy and there are more delays. In addition, corona-related staff absences, often at very short notice, mean more train cancellations. These special challenges for employees and passengers lead to frustration on all sides – and unfortunately also more and more frequently to physical aggression towards passenger attendants and train drivers.

The problem is not new – insults, threats and even physical attacks against train crews have been steadily increasing for years.

This is shown by surveys conducted by the German Federation of Trade Unions, and start must also deplore this sad trend – and react.

Employees receive training on de-escalation

In order to protect employees and passengers as best as possible, start primarily counters aggressive behavior in a de-escalating manner. Passenger attendants and train drivers act with special sensitivity to protect passengers, but also themselves.

To this end, they regularly receive special training in which they also learn measures to prevent violence. Train crews on the Lower Saxony Central network are also trained and tested in accordance with the German Trade Regulation Act §34a Bewachungsgewerbe.

Self-protection before protection of others, call for help!

“If critical situations arise, a defined code of conduct takes effect, which takes into account measures for a wide range of violent scenarios,” explains start Safety Manager Daniel Hentschel. Most important, for both train crew and passengers, is self-protection and calling for help directly when needed.

Passengers can use the intercom systems in the trains to contact the train crew or the security personnel, who are currently also deployed in the start networks . If this is not possible or if there is imminent danger, the federal police or the police should always be called in via the emergency number 110. Simply watching is the worst of all options in any case.

The train crew, i.e. train drivers and passenger attendants, together with the safety specialist if necessary, first use their learned skills to de-escalate the situation and prevent violence. If they fail to do so, they can call the federal police directly for quick assistance.

Ultimate goal = No violence!

Violence is not tolerated on the routes that start operates. The protection of personnel and passengers has top priority.

Many lines operated by start now have surveillance cameras installed and the number is increasing. These contribute significantly to the fact that the inhibition threshold for physical attacks is higher. In addition, perpetrators can be identified with the help of the records and prosecuted for crimes committed.

Medical and psychological care is guaranteed

Prosecution for all assaults on trains is a major concern for start . Even more important, however, is the support of employees who have experienced violence. start immediately contacts the affected employees in every case and offers concrete support. In addition, in accordance with occupational health and safety, a transit doctor is called in to initiate further measures if necessary.

start has also set up a special, free and anonymous hotline for all concerns, which all employees can use at any time.

Mutual respect moves us forward, especially in times of crisis

We want everyone to feel safe on our trains and provide a pleasant riding experience. Our staff gives its best. We wish a good trip with start!

Safety first